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Who can get Exede service? Ever-yone in the 48 contiguous.

Exceptional Satellite
Internet service

  • Designed for that Hard to Reach Country Customer
  • Beats the competition on Speed and Data
  • Rated by the FCC as being the #1 Internet Provider to give the Customer Promised Speeds
  • Gets Rural Customer Internet Service when other Companies Can’t

Included with every plan

  • The full suite of Google Apps: word processing, customizable home page, calendar, contacts, and tools to collaborate and build your own website
  • Professional standard installation by a certified technician

The Newest & Most Powerful Internet Satellite
Who can get Exede service? Everyone in the 48 contiguous states.

What makes exede Different?

Exede Internet is the new Highest Capacity Satellite in Orbit.  At 160 Gigs throughput , this translates to record breaking speeds for our customers.  No more waiting for downloaded pages or videos.